Groundbreaking Therapies

Improving the Lives of those suffering from Central Nervous System Disorders.

PRODUCT pipeline

Four drug candidates in clinical trials with applications for Tourette Syndrome, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Alzheimer’s Disease and Agitation, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and two in pre-clinical studies for Status Epilepticus, and Chronic Pain.

Fast Track To Commercialization

Repurposing previously approved compounds qualifies SciSparc to take advantage of the FDA’s 505 (b)(2) application protocol. This potentially means lower risk, and an expedited development timeline. The result is a robust pipeline of product candidates well positioned to create significant shareholder value into the future.


SciSparc is managed by an established team with a proven track record of execution in drug development, working in concert with a world class, award-winning, scientific advisory board chaired by the renowned Professor Raphael Mechoulam. Together they bring decades of experience in biochemistry and pharmacology, research and development, manufacturing, international distribution, clinical and regulatory affairs, as well as financial acumen to the SciSparc operation.